Home Activities

The camp will oblige with walking safaris to the village tourists attractions accompanied by a qualified tour guide. You will have the opportunity  to walk, be it for half  an hour or half a day, the chance is to get close to nature on its own terms and have experience of traditional life to make safari to Ruaha National park an unforgettable experience.The camp being situated in the village ensures enormous experience of local life.

Further to the adventure in the village, you will get a chance to climb mount idelemle, where there is diversity of the lovely flora and fauna which can be observed on the way to top and also to Malunde water falls.

In addition to the fantastic wildlife, eco-tourism and stunning scenery there are plenty of other things to see in Iringa such as Kalenga historical site located on your way to Ruaha and Isimila Stone Age-about 20Km South of Iringa, where some of the richest finds of stone Age tolls were discovered in 1951. Many fossilized bones were also found in the area, among them those of a mammal related to the modern giraffe.